About Us

The Tea Tree is an herbal tea company based out of Portland Oregon. I believe in the power of the plant medicine to heal ourselves, each other and the planet. By ripening our relationship with earths natural medicine we are brought closer to the roots of ancient healing. Herbalism was the prominent form of allopathic medicine for centuries, there is no wonder why these traditions are held so closely by herbalists and all that truly feel connected to nature a whole. Herbal Infusions (tea) is a beautiful way to connect with the plants, and ourselves. It creates a time and space for us to really be present with what is working for us. This has been a long journey for the Tea Tree, I have learned to really grow in patience with the herbs and experienced a wealth of grace by starting slowly with this work. This is not your average tea company, most of these blends I have been working on for over two years, which has given me the gift of truly cultivating my practice of herbal medicine. These blends are high vibrational and very potent and I have relationship with each individual herb on a deep level. I handcraft every blend and put intentions of abundance, growth, and health into all that goes into these blends. All of my products are organic, ethically wildcrafted or harvested and have no flavors or additives. Everything is done with patience and love and I am truly honored to share my life's passion and hearts calling with my global community.


My Story

My name is Tasha Zigerelli and I grew up in the small coastal town of Santa Cruz California. I have always had a  relationship with nature but it was not until about five years ago that my heart called me deeply to study plants. My travels have led me to places such as Australia, India, Nepal, Japan, Indonesia and parts of central American and all with the question...What am I going to do with my life?

I almost always came back with the understanding that my roots were what was really calling to me.  The study of western herbalism is such a broad one, with pieces of native american herbalism and european herbalism all connected together. I quickly knew this is what I wanted to study, to be apart of, to dive into. As a child my mother was ill, she was disconnected and consumed by our western medicine society with really little conscious awareness of what was happening. It was something that really started my fire for holistic and natural medicine, when she passed away in 2014 I could not ignore the call to the earth, to her healing, and saving. I began my studies with Rosemary Gladstar's Science and Art of herbal medicine course and fell in complete love with her folkloric teachings of this wisdom. I worked in an herb shop and starting really experimenting with the medicine and with blending teas. I then went on to study at California School of Herbal studies. At the same time I started getting really involved in studying women's health, midwifery and doula work and have done various workshops on these subjects.

I consider myself a community based herbalist of the wise women tradition. I hope to merge my love of women's health with my herbal practice and offering women support from menstruation to menopause. I am currently enrolled in a very academic women's herbal health program offered by famous Midwife, herbalist and Yale trained physician Dr. Aviva Romm. At the end of this training I will be a certified women's herbal educator and will be working with women and families on hormone balance, menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Birth-keeping wisdom and female health are my current passions and I plan on formulating an entire line of herbal teas geared toward women.